Dog Day Camp

Dog Day Camp at Anthony, NM

Dog Day Camp

In Heartland’s dog day camp, our dog guests get to play outside in different activity areas that are under constant supervision for safety and engagement. They’ll be placed with dogs of similar size and demeanor They’ll enjoy story and treat time inside our home relaxing by the fireplace or even watching the big screen TV watching to see the latest dog adventure movies. 

Heartland’s dog day camp gives dogs a special place that both stimulates and relaxes your dog. Give your dog a vacation a real Heartland!

Single Day Bookings

If you are looking for a one day visit, please schedule the time and date of your arrival using the calendar below.

Multi Day Bookings

If you are buying more than one day at a time, pay first and then contact the ranch at (915) 455-1948 to schedule.

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Multi -Day Stays at Day Camp

6 times per month


10% Discount

12 times per month


20% Discount

Unlimited Monthly


45% Discount

* Final price will include 10% for New Mexico taxes and fees.
All “monthly” orders are for a 30-day window starting from the day of purchase.

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Included Daily Activities

  • Sprinkler Play
  • Relaxing on cabanas
  • Swimming
  • Frisbee
  • Tether tug
  • Baseball
  • Ice cream munching (dog-safe)
  • Storytime

  • Exercise Play
  • Walking
  • Field trips
  • Naps! Lots of naps