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Come join us at the Ranch!

Dogs at Heartland Ranch USA are treated like family. They’re never left alone and have wonderful activities throughout the day to keep them happy. To ensure that our guests receive one-on-one attention, we limit our OVERNIGHT boarders to 15 guests per night (check the calendar for availability). The room where the dogs reside is in our home and has a beautiful fireplace and a large TV. Dogs love it for story time, watching movies, and especially for their treats.

Dog Boarding

We are not your normal boarding facility. We live on a 10-acre estate and a large portion of both the inside and outside of our home has been customized and dedicated to making our dog guests safe, comfortable, entertained, and part of our family.

Dogs that are staying with us overnight participate in all the daily activities of our Day Camp. To end up a busy day, all dogs go to sleep watching TV. The Golden Girls, Hallmark during the holidays, or Disney animal movies seem to be everyone’s favorite.

Dog Boarding Cost

  • Standard boarding accommodation
    (including enrollment in day camp) is
    $45 per night
  • Luxury suite accommodations
    (including enrollment in day camp) feature in home, oversized and custom themed accommodations starting at
    $55 per night

Dog Day Camp

Dog day camp at Heartland Ranch USA is like an adventure camp for your dog. From agility exercises to playing games like tetherball to water games and ranch walks, they are treated with love, showered with attention, and definitely are ready for sleep time at the end of the day. Available 8 am – 6 pm Monday through Saturday, Heartland Ranch USA Day Camp ensures your dog is coming back to you happy and ready for a good night’s sleep!

Dog Day Camp Cost

Our all-inclusive Day Camp costs $23 per day. Included are all activities and treats scheduled for the day. Reservations can be made for a single day or you can also subscribe to our monthly discount program. Pick up and delivery of your dog will be available soon. Please check back for availability.

Dog Training

My Best Friend Dog Training

Most people want a dog that is great with kids, family, friends and other animals. They want a dog that is obedient, on or off leash, in the home, at work, going for a car ride, traveling or just going to the store.  Dog owners want a dog that is calm and mindful when visitors come to the house or approach on a walk. 

If this is the type of dog that you and your family desire, we can help you achieve your goals.

A few benefits of a Heartland Ranch USA stay

  • One-on-one attention by an experienced, dog loving member of our staff
  • Mental stimulation and physical exercise helps to curb behavioral issues caused by boredom, separation anxiety, lack of confidence and excessive energy
  • Improved socialization with people and other animals
  • More happiness!

Dog Camp at the Ranch


Morning at the Ranch starts off with some outside time for exercise and then relaxing before a healthy breakfast. All of our dog guests get a healthy breakfast.

Throughout the day

Your dog will be busy with a combination of planned activities as well as the appropriate rest time to make sure your dog is engaged but not exhausted. From walks to agility play to water features and toys, your dog will have a full day at Day Camp!


Evenings are an intentionally slow time for dogs at Heartland Ranch USA. They’ll come inside for a snack and get comfortable for a movie or some relaxed play. Believe it or not, dogs love story time by the fireplace!

Lights Out

Dogs are just like people. They need the correct balance between rest and activity. Here at the Ranch, we maintain a regular schedule of activity and rest to create a balanced and healthy environment for your dog. Bedtime is at 8:00 pm and dogs get to fall asleep to a nice relaxing movie on the big screen TV.

About our facility

Heartland Ranch USA is located in Southeastern New Mexico, near El Paso, on a 10-acre estate in a beautiful pecan orchard setting.

Our brand new, custom suites are designed with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind. All overnight guests are kept in our home and will receive constant attention and companionship. All dogs will have access to an indoor play area as well as the huge outdoor activity center. The outside facility is surrounded by a rock wall and high fence. It is cross-divided into three large sections for dogs of different sizes and personalities. Each section has pet-friendly artificial turf or grass, raised cots, many toys, and play structures including safe and fun water features. Clean, cool, freshwater is available at all times. The play area has oversized sun sail shades to protect your dog from sunburn or overheating. Dogs are like people and should not have excessive exposure to the sun.

Cleaning and disinfecting the artificial turf, grass and structures is done on a strict schedule.

We hope that our home will become an extension of your home for your pets. Come and experience Heartland Ranch USA!

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