Horse Boarding near El Paso, Texas

Horse Boarding

Horse Boarding Near El Paso

Heartland Ranch provides horse boarding near El Paso, Texas. It’s a unique facility that boards horses in green pastures near pecan trees and plenty of shade. Our ranch is a place where horses relax and get exercise while away from their owners. In dry New Mexico, horses like their time at the “The Ranch”.

We are a Full Care facility, which includes turnout and blanketing. Our boarding package includes alfalfa hay, grass hay, and grass pasture when available. Customer-supplied supplements and grain are fed at no additional charge. Horses are fed in the early morning and late afternoon. Horse boarding is scheduled monthly. Stalls are cleaned daily.

Please fill out and upload the required forms before boarding your horses. If you would like to reserve a shorter schedule, please call us.

Hours: Our facility is open between 6 am and 10 pm. Additional hours are available by calling in advance.

Standard Horse Stall

20 Feet by 15 Feet

Starting at $325* per month

Large Horse Stall

25 Feet by 20 Feet

Starting at $375* per month

* Final price will include 10% for New Mexico taxes and fees. Additional services may raise the monthly price.
NOTE: PayPal will list this as taxes only.