Dog Training

“My Best Friend” Dog Training Program

Most people want a dog that is great with kids, family, friends, and other animals. They want a dog that is obedient, on or off leash, in the home, at work, going for a car ride, traveling, or just going to the store.  Dog owners want a dog that is calm and mindful when visitors come to the house or approach on a walk. 

If this is the type of dog that you and your family desire, we can help you achieve your goals.

How We Train

The program at Heartland Ranch is a specialized dog training program designed to serve the specific needs of you and your dog. We board your dog in our home at Heartland Ranch USA. By living with us, your dog is exposed to various types of training throughout the day. Our training is highly customized but usually includes formal training sessions, rides to the store, training in different locations, exposure to other animals, exposure to strangers and just relaxing with us during the evening.  As the dog’s training progresses, distractions of various kinds are introduced to reinforce the previous weeks of training.

Mark Training Ralphie

Training should be a lifetime of fun interaction with your dog!

Dog looking out from truck during dog training.

Every moment is a training and learning moment for your dog.  At the appropriate time, we encourage owners to return to the Ranch to work with their dog alongside the trainer. Eventually, the training location will shift back to your home or place of work. At your home, we will reinforce your dog’s skills and help guide family members on how to properly interact with your dog.

Just like people, dogs have varying personalities and behaviors. It is important for a trainer to recognize these differences and adapt their training styles for the best results. Common sense and real-world training techniques help to set up the dog and its owner for success.

Training your dog never stops. It is a lifelong process, that if done properly, becomes a positive and fun part of interacting with your dog. Every new experience is an opportunity for training. By creating a solid training foundation with Heartland Ranch USA, you and your dog will have all the tools necessary for a wonderful life together.  

Meet Your Dog Trainer, Mark Levine

Mark has made the Ranch in Southeastern New Mexico his home for the past 25 years. He has over 30 years of dog training experience which includes training dogs to be safe and loving family members as well as loyal protectors of family and property. 

Mark has also trained personal protection dogs for VIP protection. His dogs have worked in the United States as well as Mexico and have received awards from the El Paso Police Department. Mark’s dogs have also been used for public demonstrations as well as teaching children in the community about dog safety.

Mark Levine, dog trainer.
Mark Levine

How Dog Training Works

Graphic about How We Train.

Phase 1: Initial Assessment
This initial assessment includes a 1-2 hour session at your home. The trainer observes how your dog interacts with you and your family in a variety of home-related scenarios.  We include question and answer time to better understand your dog’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as your goals for your dog. Price: $150

***This fee will be applied to your dogs the first week of training***

Phase 2: In-House Training
For your dog to participate in this program, we will need a commitment of at least two weeks of in-house training. Depending on the individual dog and the owner’s training requests, 4-6 weeks of in-house training is a realistic timeframe to make a lasting and meaningful change in your dog’s behavior. Price: $550 Per Week

Phase 3: Follow-up Visits
It’s normal for dogs (and owners) to need some adjustment time when the dog returns to their home. That’s why we schedule follow-up visits in the customer’s home to reinforce training for the dog and owner. It is also a great time to answer questions. We include this time as part of our training program at no additional cost for a reasonable period of time to be determined by the trainer.

To Make a Training Appointment

Training is available by reservation only and may not be available during peak boarding seasons. Please reserve your initial assessment below. Feel free to contact Mark at 915-455-1948 to discuss our training services in greater detail.

dog obeying Mark Levine during dog training.

Initial Assessment

Our training process starts with an initial assessment at your home. Please make a payment here for this service and Mark will contact you to schedule. This fee will be applied to your first week of training.