Keep Dogs Cool at Heartland Ranch USA

Dog playing in the heat.

Dogs and horses need extra care during periods of high heat, which we’re experiencing in the El Paso area in the summer of 2023. So, at Heartland Ranch in Anthony, NM, we want to share some tips we use to protect our dog and horse “guests” and keep them safe.

Dog Playing at Heartland Ranch
Always keep an eye on your pet during hotter days.
  1. Have ample shade when pets are outside: We use removable sunshades to ensure our outside pet areas have plenty of shade. Adding shade can lower temperature by up to nine degrees. Sun shades, however, have the extra advantage of allowing maximum airflow, so dogs get as much breeze as possible when outside to keep them cooler.
  2. Automated water bowls: Perpetual water bowls are connected to our home’s water supply and never run out of water. We have them at Heartland to ensure our four-legged guests always have enough water, no matter how busy we might be. And in heat, ample water is a priority. Normal summer weather can cause serious dehydration in just 24 hours; however, dogs can get seriously sick in hours without water in periods of excessive heat, like the heat we’re experiencing now.
  3. Bring dogs inside: Especially during the hotter afternoon, we ensure our guests can get out of the heat and into an air-conditioned space. Air conditioning is just safer.
  4. Baby pool and sprinkler play: Nothing beats a $20 baby pool filled with cool water. If our guests have trouble cooling down, a quick dip in the baby pool can cool them off instantly. If a baby pool isn’t available in your yard, start your sprinkler system to cool them. Either baby pool or sprinkler, your dog will also have a great time getting cool.

If you want a cool place for your furry friends, call us at (915) 455-1948. We are here no matter how hot it is.